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Patient Information


Please request a referral from your family doctor or another medical practitioner to make an appointment.  A referral is required, if you wish, to claim a rebate from Medicare or your private health insurer.  Please note that a referral is only valid for 12 months from a GP and 3 months from a specialist.


When you make your appointment we will need the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Contact number

  • Date of birth

  • Referring doctor

  • Medicare and private health insurer details 

  • A brief explanation of your problem


Dr McGee endeavours to provide patients with an appointment as soon as possible.  If you need an urgent appointment, please ask your GP to call to make this appointment for you.


Consultation fees are payable at the time of your consultation.  A portion of the fee may be refundable through Medicare or your private health fund.  


The consultation fees will be discussed with you when you contact us to make an appointment.  If surgery is necessary, these fees will also be discussed with you in person.


When you come for your first appointment, please bring:


  • Your referral letter

  • Any X-Rays / scans or test results

  • Lists of medications with doses

  • Details of any relevant previous surgeries

  • List of any allergies

  • Private insurance details (insurer name and membership number)

  • Workers compensation details (insurer and claim number) if applicable


You may like to wear comfortable clothing to allow free movement for examination.


When you arrive for your first consultation, you will be greeted by our reception staff who will gather some more details from you.


Dr McGee will  talk to you about your problem and will ask a number of questions. He will then examine the affected area and look at your available investigations. 


Finally, Dr McGee will talk to you further about your treatment options. If further tests or investigations are required you may be asked to return to discuss further treatment options.


Your first appointment will last for about half an hour.


Once surgery has been advocated, Dr McGee's reception staff will book a convenient time and hospital for you. 


Dr McGee performs surgery at three Hospitals.  Each hospital has their own pre-operative assessment process to identify other potential problems that may affect your treatment.  Once you are booked in for surgery, the relevant hospital will contact you to conduct a pre-operative interview during which they will discuss relevant aspects of your medical history.


As a general rule you will be able to take all of your normal medication up to the morning of surgery, but in most cases it is preferable to cease using blood thinning agents five to seven days prior to surgery as these may increase the chance of bleeding complications. Dr McGee will advise you about this.  If you have a heart problem, you may need to discuss this with your anaesthetist before surgery.


Sometimes you may need a more thorough medical assessment before surgery.  If you require this you will be refer to an appropriate physician.  This is particularly the case for people who are having more major operations such as a joint replacement.


Every person responds differently to surgery. Rehabilitation will depend on the type of surgery and surgical repair. 


Clear advice and direction regarding physiotherapy will be provided during your post-operative follow-up appointments.


It is important that you have sufficient information so that you understand and make an appropriate decision about that proposed treatment or procedure. The Consent Forms and Patient Information Sheets provide information about your procedure and the anaesthetic involved; what to expect before and after the procedure or treatment; the risks and benefits, and any alternative options that maybe available to you.


Note: This information has been designed to be an adjunct and not a replacement to the time spent discussing your treatment or procedure with your doctor, nurse or healthcare practitioner.


A number of websites have been design for you:


The Queensland Health website has information on various procedures and provides information to assists you in your own health care decision making.


The on-line Patient Education Library of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons provides information on a variety of conditions and procedures.


Orthoanswer, an Australian website created by an Australian orthopaedic surgeon for Australian patients, provides information on various orthopaedic conditions and procedures.

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